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Welcome to Kamiakin High School Boys & Girls Lacrosse

Kamiakin Lacrosse

Home of  Kamiakin High School BOYS and GIRLS  Lacrosse!
We are affiliated with Kamiakin High School in the city of Kennewick WA. 

Kamiakin Lacrosse is the premiere lacrosse team in Kennewick WA, and is 1 of 3 high school lacrosse teams in the city of Kennewick WA -- the other two teams are affiliated with Southridge HS and Kennewick HS. 

The Kamiakin BOYS & GIRLS Lacrosse registration is now OPENĀ for 2023 season

BEFORE you register, please make sure you have your USA Lacrosse registration number. If you don't have one, please register. You'll need your active USA Lacrosse registration number to be able to register for the Kamiakin Lacrosse 2023 season. 

Click here for the USA Lacrosse site. 
Note: registration cost with USA Lacrosse is $35

As we have done in the past, we will need to collect a personal check for $150 as a uniform deposit at the beginning of the season. Note that we will hold onto the check for the duration of the season and will destroy the check upon return of the athletes uniform in acceptable condition. If the uniform is not returned, then the team will cash the check to recover the uniform replacement cost. 

Lacrosse Coaches

Trystan Shulman:
Wyatt Schafer:

Dan Gaspar:
Jacob Throolin:

Laurie Stephens

Board President

Daniel Perea

Board Vice President

Jennifer Weekes

Board Treasurer/Secretary